History and Profile

PETRIFOND was established in 1960 to construct a foundation for a modern grain elevator based on a daring alternate using state of the art European equipment.

PETRIFOND has undertaken many unusual and challenging projects in the field of deep foundations which include:

PETRIFOND has executed projects throughout Canada, the United States and the Carribean. It’s headquarters are in Montreal Canada. The equipment and tools are stored and maintained at its 5 acres yard facility which is equipped with shops, storage and offices.

PETRIFOND maintains a fleet of 40 major foundation rigs together with specialized tools and accessories, such as overburden and rock drills, proprietary piling leads, impact hammers, vibratory hammers, cluster drills, augers, clams, slurry wall equipment.

PETRIFOND is managed by a team of professional engineers, specialty supervisors and skilled field personnel with many years of hands on experience in the deep foundations field. PETRIFOND is certified CWB.

PETRIFOND has been involved in some notable project in North America such as:

PETRIFOND offers solutions for infrastructures, buildings, dams, deep shafts, and marine structures:


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